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Choose Your Build

There are a few differences to think about. The Maxable team has created a great video explaining...


ADU Types Of Builds (C.A.M.S.)

Use one of these strategies to build the ADU that's best for you


Convert an existing space not used for living, into livable rentable space. (Garage, Shed)


Add square footage to your existing home to create even more space.


Multiply space by adding detached livable space to your property as an option for ADU


Split your existing space into multiple separate spaces by adding walls and living areas.

Need Help Deciding?

We've spent hundreds of hours exploring many options that will work. Reach out and we'll help narrow down what might work for you.



Converting an non-livable space like a garage or shed is an excellent way to capitalize on existing structures.

Typically garages are used for conversions and they process to do so can sometimes be easier than build a brand new unit. 



Adding square footage to your home can have a few benefits. Also known as a Junior ADU (JADU), they typically share a wall and utilities with the main home.

Because there is a shared wall, you can really save money and time by tapping into existing electrical, water and roofing.



Multiple units is the most common way to ADU. Many enjoy the opportunity to customize their new space from  scratch.

They may cost more than other build but you're able to have the maximum amount of freedom and privacy.

attic adu.jpg


Splitting your home into multiple units is the easiest way to ADU. Taking space you already have and separating it from the main house can be done easily and quickly.

Typically done with attics, basements and sun rooms, they are literally built in ADUs.

4 Main Build Types

ADUs come in many shapes, sizes and designs. Of the various types, they mostly fall into 4 different styles. Each style is dependent on the home owner's goals. Some are great for faster builds, some are more affordable and some are fully customizable. Each has it's own perks. Let's help you find the one that's best for you.


A manufactured home is build that is mostly complete. They are built off site and shipped in to their final location. Usually manufactured homes are fully assembled or shipped in large sections to assemble on site. 


Pre-Fabricated or Pre-Fab builds are typically built in sections off site, then shipped to their final location to be assembled. Entire floor, wall and roof sections are connected to complete the final build.